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Re-Mobilize Your Life!
Travelscoot - 10 Years
It is only impossible until somebody does it!

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The TravelScoot is by far the world’s lightest and most compact electric mobility scooter. It’s the ideal scooter for everyone who’s feet are not playing along but who are otherwise still in a fairly good shape

The innovative folding mechanism allows, for the first time, a 3-wheeled scooter to fold down to the dimensions of a 2-wheeler.

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Set-up and break-down takes less than a minute. It fits where no mobility scooter has ever fit before! Seat and battery removal takes just a few seconds. A few more, and the frame is done, too.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Smallest packed dimensions 86 x 31 x 25 cm
  • Ideal for travel by air, ship, rail and public transport.TravelScoot and Travel >
  • Batteries are approved for air travel
    Tips for Airports >
  • High-strenght aircraft-aluminum construction
  • High capacity: 320 lbs plus baggage
  • Carrying case and canvas caddy for lighter loads include.
  • 6 kph / 3.7 mph top speed; exceptionally long range due to light weight
  • Pedestrian-zone approved, inside and outside of public buildings
  • Built-in cane/crutch holders standard
  • Can be ridden stiff-legged (e.g. leg in cast)
    Foot Rest Support Plate >
  • Handlebar and seating position height-adjustable

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Synthia LaCour

"Thank you thank you thank you! I love the Travelscoot --- it is so much fun and has eliminated moving around in pain.

I am so happy with my Travelscoot ! My life, my mental health, my happiness has improved so much from this purchase. I have spent thousands of dollars on all types of products, shots and medication for pain, but this beautiful machine has literally saved my life!

A little dramatic I know but you have no idea how miserably depressed I was.

Thank you again and again."

Madeline Kennedy

"I called several times and discussed your scooter before choosing to buy. What a wonderful decision! I have taken my TravelScoot to France and back and all around this country. It has done every thing I have asked of it: cobblestones, inclines, crowded spaces,etc. It has plenty of power and the battery lasts way longer than I would have anticipated. The maneuverability is amazing. It folds up and unfolds with ease. It makes airports a breeze. I could not have done these trips without my TravelScoot. It keeps me independent.

I have ALS, and so I am anticipating a much further decline in my physical abilities. Meanwhile, I am planning lots of trips and living my life while I still can. I will go on a Mediterranean cruise with my sisters next month, and then on to SanFrancisco with my husband. I do not need to burden my travel companions with the hassle and physical exertion of pushing me in a wheelchair.

Many people stopped me and inquired about my TravelScoot. I hope you hear from them. I praised it highly. I have lots more photos if any would be of interest to you.

Thanks for such a great product!"

You can take the TravelScoot with you anywhere and anytime, and take part in life with your family and friends.

Grocery shopping has never been easier

Light weight

You will always encounter obstacles such as missing handicap ramps or out-of-order elevators. The TravelScoot’s light weight allows you to overcome these obstacles with ease.

The TravelScoot weighs 30 lbs without battery. Remove the seat and seat back, and it weighs less than 24 lbs.


There are three different batteries to choose from which can be installed and removed in seconds.
The Deluxe version is equipped with the 2.4 kg light weight Li-ion battery and weighs 17 kg. The cheaper version comes standard with the 8.5 kg heavy lead battery and even with 23 kg it is still by far the world's lightest electric mobility scooter.

6.3 Ah lithium-ion battery is designed for the TravelScoot shopper, but can also, as in all other TravelScoots, be used as the main or the backup battery.

About Batteries >


Both versions are available in Junior size for smaller persons (approximately +-5 feet in height and proportional weight).

Product Description & Scooter Specifications >

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TravelScoot for mobility-impaired youth and children

Because of its extreme light weight and adjustable speed, the TravelScoot Shopper (available in both full-size and Junior) is well-suited for mobility-impaired youth and children. Parents who have to load and unload their child’s mobility aid from their car or public transport will find the Shopper’s unbeatable light weight is especially helpful. The Shopper’s top speed can be programmed to 50% walking speed, allowing the supervising adult to remain in constant control.

The TravelScoot mobility scooter for short-statured people

The TravelScoot Shopper Junior can help people of short stature, who often have to contend with mobility challenges, regain their mobility. Even people with Achondroplasia will find it easy to reach the foot rests and hand controls.

Elektromobil Kleinwuechsige


Riding the TravelScoot

Mobility aids are permitted wherever foot traffic is allowed, Including inside buildings.

Because of its low weight, the TravelScoot is extremely maneuverable. It can practically turn on the spot in tight places such as elevators (lifts). No other scooter can do that!

Traveling with the TravelScoot

Traveling with heavy luggage is no problem.


To make getting around with your TravelScoot even more convenient, we offer a line of useful accessories.

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